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夏天,要多一点点颜色~Summer, a little more colour~


Whether it's a fresh and lovely mint green, a pretty and refreshing plum, or a gentle and delicate creamy teal, the sun is blazing ...... Come to R & D for all of them!


🍀+🍼=快乐~ 清新的薄荷绿不仅颜色超治愈,又奶又上头谁能拒绝,浓在嘴里的冰奶香,炎阳中的绿蒲扇。

Mint Milk Green

🍀+🍼=happiness~ Not only is the fresh mint green colour super healing, it's also creamy , who can refuse it?




New Lychee products~

Come and enjoy the new summer products! Summer of lychee, romantic and sweet!

Pink fairy colour, sweet lychee flesh, sour and sweet, full of fruit flavor, beautiful face and new taste, are you excited?

✨ 可可鲜奶


Cacao Fresh Milk

Richly flavoured cocoa and rich milk ❗❗ Adding popping beads to create a rich, layered texture 🌟, tangy, sweet and healing.