Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea from R&D Tea

Social Experience

Enjoying bubble tea can be a social activity. Many people like to meet up with friends and chat while sipping on their favorite bubble tea flavors.


The combination of flavors, ice, and bubbles makes bubble tea a refreshing and thirst-quenching beverage, especially on a hot day.

Variety of Flavors

Bubble tea comes in a wide range of flavors, from classic options like milk tea and fruit teas to more exotic and unique combinations.

Caffeine Options

Some bubble tea varieties include tea with caffeine, making it an alternative to coffee or traditional tea for those looking for a caffeine boost.

Aesthetic Appeal

The vibrant colors of bubble tea and the visual appeal of the tapioca pearls and other add-ins make it a visually appealing drink.


Bubble tea is highly customizable. You can adjust the sweetness level, the ice level, and even the type of milk or milk alternatives to suit your taste.

Tea is Life!

We are a young team of providing fashion tea.
​We Love Tea, we are passion about it.

Large variety of flavors

Discover some of the most favored taste.
For full list, please contact us.

Fresh Fruit Juice Tea

Mango Green Tea

Mango and green tea

Kiwi Green Tea

Kiwi and green tea

Peach Green Tea

Peach and green tea

Strawberry Black Tea

Strawberries and black tea

Lemon Black Tea

Lemon and R&D black tea

Yoghurt Lime Green Tea

Lemon, R&D green tea, yoghurt

Passion Fruit Green Tea

Passion fruit and green tea

Sparkling creatives

Sleeping beauty

Yoghurt and butterfly pea

Witch's poison

Kiwi, passion fruit and butterfly pea


Strawberries and butterfly pea

Twilight sparkling

Milk and butterfly pea

With Boba

Tokyo meet Hungary

Cocoa, matcha and milk

Boba Jasmine milk tea

Green tea and milk

Boba cocoa milk

Cocoa milk

Bubble brothers

Bubble, coconut jelly, magic beans and milk tea

Brown sugar boba milk with milk foam

Brown sugar, bubble, milk foam and milk

Boba fresh milk

Bubble, fresh milk and R&D black tea

Pudding milk tea

Pudding, milk tea, black or green tea

Boba milk tea

Bubble, milk and R&D black tea

Matcha boba milk

Matcha, bubble and milk

For coffee lovers

Caramel Macchiato

Coffee, whipped cream, caramel syrup

Coco O Lei

Cocoa, coffee, milk foam, chocolate sauce

Boba coffee latte

Coffee, milk, Grass Jelly

Boba Ole

Coffee, milk, cocoa, bubble, whipped cream

Pair of milk tea

R&D black tea, milk, coffee

Matcha latte

Matcha, milk, coffee

Cserepes latte

Oreo, mint, milk foam, coffee, milk

Just in favor of tea

Tea from grandma

Osmanthus oolong tea

Tea from grandpa

Alisan oolong tea

Art of tea

Sunmoon lake ruby black tea

Princess’s tea

Damascus rose green tea

R&D Light Oolong tea

Chamomile jinxuan oolong tea

Milk foam Fruit Frappe

Passion fruit frappe

Maracuja frappe

Tea is life!

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